Cold brew at a glance, a Popular Coffee Serving Method

cold brew

In fact, coffee not only tastes good when you brew it using hot water. Coffee also tastes so good when you serve it cold. Cold brew is a type of coffee serving that is different here from ice coffee such as ice americano or using other cold and fresh dishes.

There are features that this brewing technique has. To find out some facts about cold brew, then you need to read the reviews below.

Cold Brew Popular Coffee Serving Method

Brewed Using Cold Water

The technique of serving cold brew coffee here uses cold water to make coffee. Later you need to use water that has room temperature. Room temperature water and coffee will be extracted for 8 hours, depending on the type of coffee and individual tastes.

Soaked Long

Serving coffee with the cold brew method is one way of brewing that does have the longest soaking duration. Coffee and water will usually be soaked together for about 8 hours to 12 hours. Generally, during the soaking process the container containing cold brew will be placed in a refrigerator. This process will produce a sweet, unique taste and a relatively low acidity level.

Sweet taste

Even if you don’t use sweeteners or sugar here, cold brew will generally be much softer and sweeter. This happens because the soaking process is carried out for quite a long time and the water used. But each coffee will give a taste that is certainly different. Usually coffee that is processed in a natural way will certainly have a very rich taste when brewed.

Low Acidity

Cold brew has a much lower acidity because here the soaking process is carried out for 8 hours. This will certainly be very good, especially for those who have health problems and are associated with acidity. Those who here suffer from stomach acid also need not hesitate to enjoy cold brew.

Different from Cold Drip

Even though both are brewed using room temperature water, cold brew and cold drip have quite a basic difference. As the name suggests, cold drip is brewed using slow drops of water on coffee. Cold drip usually uses a cold dripper or drip brewing device which is different from brewing coffee using the cold brew technique.

Higher Caffeine

Even though here the cold brew method is brewed using cold water, the amount of caffeine it contains is known to be higher. One of the things that causes this is the amount of coffee used when brewing. Has a ratio of 1: 10 to 1: 11.

In other words, if you use 30 grams of coffee here, then 300 ml of water is used to give the best results. This makes cold brew very good to consume before you do sports so that the results are much more optimal.

Enjoy with Milk

You can later store cold brew and then mix it into various products such as milk for coffee, lemon juice, for ice coffee, espresso and others.

This method of serving coffee using the cold brew method has been widely applied, especially in cafes in big cities. It is even believed that serving coffee with this method is much healthier for the consumer. Therefore, it is only natural that many people start enjoying coffee drinks using the cold brew technique.