The coffee packaging process is not only time-consuming but also complicated. To make things easier, Amcor has come up with an innovative degassing technology that not only packs coffee securely but also retains its freshly-roasted flavour that the customers love. It’s a simple, one-step process that degasses the coffee beans without the need for a vacuum pump or any other equipment. Vento™ can be easily integrated into an existing packaging line, which means that our customers can save time and money without sacrificing quality and flavour of the coffee. If you are looking for the best of the best meat packaging then you’ve found it!

Ever since its launch, Vento™ has become a necessity for many customers because of its unique packaging process. The needle valve technology controls the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coffee grounds. This allows our customers to pack their coffee with minimal oxygen exposure, which helps to preserve its freshness and flavour. The result is a cup of coffee that tastes fresher and more flavourful than before.

Complications of coffee packaging process and how Vento™ deals with it

Vento™ has been a revelation for degassing freshly roasted coffee that is much simpler and more cost-effective than the old hard valve method. In our technique, the machine replaces the hard valves with a one-way valve that allows CO2 to escape the pack without letting oxygen in. This means that there are no parts, machinery, or complexity to add to the coffee packing process, which reduces costs and makes it more efficient.

Coffee is a complex beverage, and the brewing process can be finicky. Getting the perfect cup of coffee requires precise timing and temperature control, which can be difficult to achieve on a large scale. That’s where Vento™ comes in. The degassing system already comes integrated in the packaging material, thus providing a reliable and flexible solution for coffee lovers.

With the increasing demand for “specialty coffee,” the right packaging has become an essential criterion. Most importantly, the coffee industry is too big an industry to ignore this demand because the market is expected to reach $83.5 billion by 2025.

Cafés Folliet, the French coffee roaster had a 138-year history of running the leading coffee brand. It was this French coffee roaster that came with the Vento™ technology in December 2017.

Cafés Folliet had been supplying ground filter coffee to hotels for their breakfast market for many years. The coffee was originally packed in plain packaging that had no valve, but as consumer expectations increased, many hotels started demanding for fresher, higher-quality coffee. That’s when Cafés Folliet decided to introduce Vento™.

After a few experiments, they came to the conclusion that applying a valve to the pack helps to ensure that the coffee remains fresh and lively, and is therefore better able to meet the needs of discerning customers. The valve also allows for easy portion control, which is another important factor in ensuring that customers are satisfied with the product.

Thanks to the unique design of Vento™, roasters can reduce downtime and production waste. On average, customers who switch to the Vento™ Roaster see a reduction in downtime of 280 hours per year and up to 10% cost savings because of its production efficiency.

In 2017, Vento™ was awarded a Gold DuPont Packaging Innovation award for Technological Advancement & Responsible Packaging. The technology successfully maintained product freshness and barrier integrity because of which it was able to win the award. The machine has 87% lighter valves than typical hard valves and also saves energy. This leads to an 8% reduction in carbon footprint for every 250 gm pack.

Vento™ stands out from other brands because of its improved shelf appeal and design possibilities. You can integrate Vento™ on any of the standard laminates of Amcor for soft coffee packaging according to your customers’ specifications.

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